SSM Industries LLC

Spray Booth

A spray booth is a free standing steel enclosure designed to control the spread of fumes or particulates. A typical spray booth has an exhaust fan or blower, an exhaust filter system, lighting, and replacement air. A spray booth can range in size from small desk top units to very large building sized enclosures.

At SSM-Industries, LLC we design and manufacture many types of spray booths.

  • Cross-Draft: A booth with a cross directional air flow typically having its filter section located at one end of the work area.
  • Down-Draft: A booth with a top to bottom air flow having its filter section located below the work section
  • Semi-Down Draft: A booth with angular air flow, with supply air in the top of the booth and its exhaust filter section located on a wall or walls.
  • Open Front: A booth with an open front face.
  • Pressurized Cabin:A booth with a work area that is totally enclosed.
  • Spray-Cure:A booth with the ability to spray and cure in the same enclosure.
  • Water Wash:A booth with filter section that uses re-circulated water to capture over-spray.
  • Dry Filter: A booth with a filter section that uses dry disposable filter media.