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Dust Collectors

SSM-Industries, LLC has been building and installing quality dust collectors for many years. With a variety of styles to fit the application our engineering staff can provide solutions to any dust or particulate problem. "Savaire" brand dust collection systems are designed per application, so you know that you are being provided with a custom solution based on your individual needs. These project specific air cleaners are the highest quality in the industry, manufactured with the dependability that one would expect from our blast rooms.

SSM-Industries, LLC is an industry leader in the dry media blasting and industrial ventilation industries. Our dust collection equipment leads our industry in providing reduced cost of operation. We provide solutions for air filtration, industrial dust collection and surface coating removal needs. Our dry media blast rooms and reclaim systems offer superior performance.

SSM-Industries designs it's own systems, we provide and install a variety of collection units with engineered ducting systems.

Types of Dust Collectors

  • Bag Houses
  • Cartridges
  • Filter Wall Modules

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